FC AFC Cebourns High Roll-N-Angel -Pedigree

Retired from TRIALS & BREEDING.  Now living life on the couch!!!

Vegas is a nice shooting dog. She has great style, and a gait in the field that will keep your attention. She has been easy to train and a joy to have in our house. She is a hard working girl and doesn't really know what "vacation" means. We've been spoiled to acquire such a fine dog for our first Shorthair. She is exclusively amateur trained and handled.  At the end of 2007 Vegas was ranked #26 in the Amateur Shooting Dog for the NGSPA.

Vegas is a daughter of NAFC FC AFC Cebourn's Shake Rattle N Roll who is a grandson of DC Hillhaven's Hustler. Other great names in her pedigree include: FC AFC Wayside's O Aces, FC AFC Nicky Von Blitz, DC AFC Cebourn's Erick of Hustleberg JH, and FC AFC Pipelines Bobtailed Bandit.

She is the foundation for our breeding program, and is retired as of 2013.


Owners Tim & Erica Zick of Edgerton, WI.
WFK High Roll-N's Money Pit's a Blaze - Pedigree

Blaze was born Christmas day 2008.  We acquired her from Dave Walker in Georgia.

She is our little sweetheart.  She is always a happy girl, and LOVES to work.  She backs, points, and runs with a high tail.  Her style is impeccable, and her gait is quick and snappy in the field. She has a great personality and will work for anyone! 

She is especially attached to our oldest daughter who is now running her in some trials to get some experience before she trains her own dog. This is a very special dog to us and our family.  She chose us, we did not choose her. :)

Blaze is a daughter of FC H's Hedge Rise Ignited, "Aggie" and FC DW's Sally's Hilited Affair, "Belle".  Other notable names in her pedigree include NFC FC Chisholm Creeks Cuttin Loose, FC Sin City Slick Ace, FC AFC Palm Glades White Litnin, NFC FC AFC Palm Glades Shameless Sally, FC KJ's Hightailing Saddle, and NFC L B's OHI Shameless.

Blaze is part of our breeding program.


Owners Tim & Erica Zick of Edgerton, WI

We have a couple young females that are in the breaking process now and we look forward to see how they progress and who will join our trial string and become the next star!!

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